I-75 Traffic Advisory

Click the links below for maps, videos and press release files that can help you understand how the changes coming to I-75 will affect you.


  • Southbound Robert Drive will be closed on Tuesday, April 23, between First and Second Streets, closing off traffic on eastbound Second Street for the day. First Street will open for traffic.
  • First Street will be closed between Roberts Drive and Red Cross Lane beginning March 4. This will be a 24-hour-a-day closure. The affected section of First Street is scheduled to reopen to motorists in September of 2017. (This road closure is due to a contractor reconstructing this portion of First Street as part of the I-75 Modernization Project. The official detour during this closure is: Salem Avenue/First Street to Robert Drive to Third Street to Wilkinson to First Street. Arrow boards and signs will be in place prior to the work zone to alert motorists of the upcoming closure. All work is weather permitting.
  • All traffic is currently running on the existing NB lanes between US 35 and Main St. With this configuration, the ramps from SB to First and Third Streets have closed, and traffic is detoured to Main St to access downtown. Traffic will be in this configuration throughout construction of the new SB lanes. Additionally, there is a long term left lane closure on the ramp from Route 4 SB to I-75 SB.
  • Southbound I-75 exits at First and Third Streets and entrance ramp at Second and Monument will be closed beginning December 11.
  • The onramps to Northbound I-75 at 3rd and 2nd street will be closed indefinitely as of Monday November 19th.
  • The 2nd street onramp to Southbound I-75 and Rt. 35 will be closed indefinitely as of the first week of December.
  • The lane switch of southbound traffic on the northbound corridor will occur by December 15th.

Suggested northbound travel out of Dayton:
Take Wilkinson to Monument
Turn left on Monument and follow over the Monument St. Bridge to Riverview Ave.
Turn right on Riverview Ave to Main St (note: recent Expansion of two-lane Riverview Ave to Main St is not in some GPS programs)
Main Street has onramps to north and southbound I-75 as well as access to Route 4
OR once the 35 onramp to I-75 is completed:
Take Ludlow to 35 West
Follow 35 West to I-75 North or South

Find more information about the I-75 Modernization project by visiting I-75 Commuting or by calling the 24-hour hotline at 937-425-8475.

35 East to Dayton Campus

35 East to Sinclair Dayton Campus

I-75 Special News and Information

View the I-75 Final Phase Guide pdf.

View the ODOT I-75 Special Meeting Video (September 17, 2012).

ODOT I-75 Modernization Press Release Packet

View the ODOT I-75 Modernization Press Release pdf.

Special Sinclair Driving Instruction Videos

Upcoming construction projects will restrict access to I-75 at the First and Third Street exits. These videos will help you establish alternate driving routes to Sinclair.