Parking Payment & Policy Information

Payment Information

For students and visitors, each open parking lot assesses the rate of $2.00 cash or credit card, or $1.00 when paid with Tartan card while classes are in session for current students and employees only. If, for any reason, the full payment can not be made with a Tartan card, the $2.00 parking charge will be assessed.


Advance Payment


Some parking lots allow for advanced payment to be made if you plan to stay in the lot past the posted standard closing time.

Lot A

Please pay in advance if you plan to stay past 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, or past 6:00 p.m. Friday or Saturday.

To Pay in Advance:

  • Park your car and tell the attendant you will not be leaving prior to closing time and would like to pre-pay
  • After payment is received, the attendance will issue you a pre-paid slip
  • Place this slip on the dashboard of your vehicle—ensuring that the entire slip can be seen
  • This slip is valid only for the day you paid the attendant

Policies & Procedures

  • Payment Methods Accepted: Cash, Credit Card (MasterCard & Visa), or Tartan Card
  • Please have payment ready before pulling to exit
  • If the Tartan card has insufficient funds (less than $2.00), a $2.00 charge will be assessed
  • There is no free in/out of any Sinclair parking lot
  • No bill larger than $20.00 can be changed
  • Count your change before leaving the exit booth
  • No foreign coin/currency can be accepted
  • Please use all available lanes for Tartan card payments
  • Do not back up at any time once the exit gate raises

Motorcycle Parking

  • Motorcycle parking is available in the designated spaces in Lot B only. The entrance to this lot is off of 4th Street and exits onto 5th Street.