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If you forget your network password, you can reset it online at Follow the instructions below to use the Password Reset tool.


Your account will be locked after 10 failed login attempts in a 15 minute period. After 15 minutes, your account will automatically be unlocked.


NOTE: The last four digits of your SSN is required to use the Password Reset Tool. Your information being verified is using information that you provided to the Sinclair Registration.


  1. Go to

    Click on the Forgot Password? link.

NOTE: You can also reset your password any time by going to the following URL:

  1. Enter your my.Sinclair username and click on Continue

    If you are using a mobile device, the Password Reset Tool will default to the mobile-friendly version. You can also click on the Mobile-friendly version link at the bottom of the screen. The screens for this version are formatted for mobile devices but follow procedures similar to the full version

Enter username




  1. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

    Then click on Continue
  1. Enter your Street Address, Zip Code, and Date of Birth

    Then click on Continue

  1. Click on Continue

  1. Be sure to review the password requirements at the right of the screen. You new password must meet these requirements

    Enter your New Password. The marks below the New Password field will turn green when the criteria are met.

    After your password meets the criteria, enter your password again in the Confirm Password field

    Then click on OK


  1. You will see this screen.

    Be sure to close the browser window to clear all temporary files and caches

  1. Log into with your new password

Questions or comments, contact the IT Help Desk at 937-512-HELP (4357) or at