Department Information

The Information Technology mission is to continuously improve our delivery of affordable, quality, lifelong learning opportunities by providing and leveraging an effective set of Information Technology tools which enhance student learning and facilitate student success.

Sinclair's information technologies will provide a comprehensive platform of high technology tools that are easy to understand and use, and facilitate processes so that any student, faculty, or staff can perform all of his/her academic and administrative functions in a highly productive and efficient manner, and where students can actively explore and personalize their educational experiences.

Information Technology responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the development, design, and implementation of new applications and changes to existing computer systems and software packages.
  2. Direct the development, review, and certification of all back-up and disaster recovery procedures and plans.
  3. Identify emerging information technologies to be assimilated, integrated, and introduced within the college.
  4. Assess new computing technologies to determine potential value for the company. 
  5. Oversee ongoing improvements and the feasibility of system enhancements.
  6. Establish college infrastructure to support and guide individual divisions/departments/sites in computing and information technology efforts.
  7. Establish short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures. 
  8. Serve on planning and policy-making committees. 
  9. Direct and manage computing and information technology policies, programs, and schedules to accomplish college goals and objectives. 
  10. Direct the information security and data integrity of the college and business units. 
  11. Develop strategic plans and implement the objectives of the information technology needs of the college to ensure the computer capabilities are responsive to the needs of the company's growth and objectives. 
  12. Evaluate overall operations of computing and information technology functions and implement enhancements.
  13. Prepare enterprise objectives and budgets to facilitate the orderly and efficient capture, storage, processing, and dissemination of information.
  14. Review and approve major contracts for computing and information technology services and equipment. 
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