Important Honors Program forms

Honors Program Forms

All these are available in 10-339 on paper, but you can also download them here:

Letter of Recommendation request and release form - Sinclair has instituted a policy requiring students to request a letter of recommendation in writing using this form.  Simply download, complete, and sign the form then give it to the Sinclair faculty or staff person you wish to write a letter for you. 

Honors Scholar Application Form - Word document to download, complete, and submit on paper or as an email attachment to apply to become an Honors Scholar.

Service Learning Agreement - Honors Scholars must complete a service learning project to complete the Honors program at Sinclair.

Honors Program Student Handbook - Contains specific details of the Sinclair Honors Program including requirements, service, recognition and completion.


2009 Annual Report - The Honors Program annual report details facts about the program's history, leadership, student participation and more.

Previous Annual Reports: