What students have said of their experience as an Honors Scholar and how that experience impacted their subsequent academic pursuits.

"I am now a bona fide graduate from Wittenberg University, and I even have the fancy slip of paper to prove it.  Commencement season is generally the time to thank those that helped us get to where we are, and I feel that this is certainly appropriate in this case.  I want to thank you for your selfless commitment to your students, for inspiring those around you, and, perhaps most important of all, for making things seem possible.  As you know, I have taken a rather circuitous route from Sinclair to the B.A., but everything has turned out for the best.  In October, I will be attending graduate school at the University of Cambridge on a full scholarship, and I do not think it could have happened without your help.  Thank you so much, and I wish you all the best."

--Josh Wisebaker

Wittenberg University

Class of 2008



 "Thanks to the Honors Scholar program, I was better prepared to move on the 4 year university environment, which helped me to move on to pursue a professional degree."

 -- Darlene Keener
University of Dayton School of Law
Class of 2006

"Because I was a Sinclair Honors Scholar, I was properly equipped to successfully complete the rigorous mathematics education course of study at the University of Dayton, and I have become a certified 7th-12th grade math teacher!"

-- Sandra K. Venable
University of Dayton, Class of 2005
Bachelor of Science - AYA Mathematics Education

"Because I was a Sinclair Honors Scholar I gained the confidence I needed to succeed!"

-- Mark Murray
United States Air Force

"Participating in the Sinclair Honors Program allowed me to take interesting and challenging courses with fellow students in the program. I particularly enjoyed taking Greek Art and Poetry (LIT 297) which was taught in an innovative and entertaining style - a class that I probably wouldn’t have taken if I wasn’t in the program. When I applied to graduate schools this winter, I indicated that I had participated in the honors program at Sinclair and was accepted into the top graduate schools in the country for computer science. This fall, I will attend Carnegie Mellon University with a scholarship for full tuition and a monthly stipend.

-- Raisa Kanevsky
Carnegie Mellon University

"The Sinclair Honors Scholar program pushed me to get the most out of my courses at Sinclair. Likewise, the constant dialogue with professors enriched my experience and prepared me for the next step in my education, graduate school."

-- Jon Wlasiuk
Ph.D. student at Case Western University

"Being an Honor Student at Sinclair proved to me that it is never too late to make a new start and pursue a satisfing career.

-- Sonja Bachmann, age 41