Global Scholars Courses




Approved Global Studies Courses



Courses that are not on this list may be approved.  If a course has a special service-learning (global theme), Honors (global theme) or international project as a major component of its syllabus, check with the instructor and the Global Scholars director.






Sciences Group


GEO 1102 Physical Geography

GEO 1101 Human Geography

GEO 1107 Intro to GIS I

GEO 1201 World Regional Geography I

GEO 1206 Appalachian Geography

GEO 2207 Intro to GIS II

GEO 2209-Introduction to Cartography

GEO 1208-Geography of the Middle East

GEO 2210-Advanced Spatial Analysis

GEO 1297-Special Topics




Language Group


AFR 1121 Basic Swahili

AFR 1122 Intermediate Swahili

CHN 1100 Conversational Chinese I

CHN 1105 Conversational Chinese II

FRE 1100 Conversational French I

FRE 1101 Elementary French I

FRE 1102 Elementary French II

FRE 2201 Intermediate French I

FRE 2202 Intermediate French II

GER 1100 Conversational German I

GER 1101 Elementary German I

GER 1102 Elementary German II

GER 2201 Intermediate German I

GER 2202 Intermediate German II

JPN 1100 Conversational Japanese I

JPN 1105 Conversational Japanese II

RUS 1100 Conversational Russian I

RUS 1105 Conversational Russian II

SPA 1100 Conversational Spanish

SPA 1101 Elementary Spanish I

SPA 1102 Elementary Spanish II

SPA 1161 Conversational Spanish for Criminal Justice

SPA 2201 Intermediate Spanish I

SPA 2202 Intermediate Spanish II




Culture Group


ART 2238 History of African Art

ART 2230 Art History:  Ancient through Medieval Periods

ART 2231 Art History:  Renaissance through Contemporary Periods

DAN 1157 Dance Appreciation

ENG 2245 Introduction to Linguistics

GEO 1101 Human Geography

GEO 1102 Physical Geography

GEO 1201 World Regional Geography

HIS 1111 Western Civilization I

HIS 1112 Western Civilization II

HIS 2215 Survey of African History

HIS 2216 Survey of Latin American History

HIS 2217 Survey of East Asian History

HIS 2219 Survey of the Middle East

HUM 1125 Introduction to the Humanities

HUM 1130 Humanity & the Challenge of Technology

HUM 1131 The Search for Utopia

HUM 1135 Environmental Ethics

HUM 1140 Appalachian Folkways

HUM 1141 Appalachian History & Culture

HUM 1142 Native American History

HUM 1195 Leadership Development

HUM 2236 International Studies

LIT 2230 Great Books of the Western World

LIT 2234 Literature of Africa, Asia & Latin America

PHI 2204 Great Books:  Philosophy

PHI 2205 Introduction to Philosophy

PHI 2206 Introduction to Ethics

PHI 2207 Logic

PLS 2220 International Relations

PLS 2860 Model United Nations/International Issues

PSY 1160 African American Psychology

REL 1111 Eastern Religions

REL 1112 Western Religions

REL 2255 People & Religion

SOC 1145 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

SOC 1219 Global Poverty

SOC 2208 Sociology of Cities

SOC 2214 Applied Population Demography

THE 2201 History of Theatre I

THE 2202 History of Theatre II



Updated: July 31, 2013