What is the construction process?
The first phase is the Design of your project may be done by a consultant or in-house. The length of the design depends on the size of the project. You will be invited to at least one design meeting for your project. The second phase is the Bid process. We are required to go through a bid process for most projects. This involves asking contractors for quotes to perform the work. Bidding takes between 2 and 4 weeks. This is a routine process that P & C co-ordinates with the Purchasing Office. After we receive bids, we review them to determine the lowest responsive bidder. A contract and/or purchase order is issued for the work. If the project budget is over $50,000, we must ask the Board for approval prior to the purchase order is issued. This is the third phase, Award. The fourth phase is Construction. Most construction work is done at night. Contractors are required to leave the work areas clean and ready for your use. The final phase is the Close Out phase. The last stage of the project is when we look at the work and make a “punch list” of items to correct or complete.

What do I do in the case of an emergency?
For emergencies, such as no power, a leak, or a mess so great you cannot function, call Service Control at ext. 3090 for immediate attention.

What if a problem arises during a project?
If a contractor creates a problem that is not an emergency, such as leaving a minor mess, breaking something or leaves evidence of smoking, call FP & C at ext. 3048 right away so we can identify who is involved and can get the situation corrected.

Who is repsonsible for the construction inspection?
Please be our eyes and ears and call FP & C with anything you feel needs some attention during construction. FP & C has four people managing 100 projects, so we cannot always check everything every day.

What do I do if I need to pack?
For some projects, such as paint, we will ask that you pack up your desk and/or shelving so the contractor can work. Duplication or the Tartan Campus Store are good sources of boxes.

What do I do if I am moving?
If a move is involved as part of your project, FP & C will arrange for movers. You are responsible for the packing of the office belonging. Duplication or the Tartan Campus Store are good sources of boxes.

Who is responsible for my telephone and computers?
If you move or we need to work on your telephone or computer, FP& C will notify ITS for assistance.

How long does it take to receive new furniture?
Standard delivery time for furniture is six weeks. Specialty items will take longer. We can, at times, get it in faster for an additional cost resulting in a lower budget for the project.

What am I to do with old furniture?
A Capital Assets form will need to be filled out by your department for any old furniture or equipment that needs to be removed as surplus. Please coordinate with P & C for the date on which he old furniture should be removed.