Travel by air is allowable only when it is the least expensive mode of transportation. Employees may secure airline tickets for college-approved business trips through Acendas. Tickets purchased from Acendas are billed directly to and paid for by the college. Procedures for obtaining tickets are as follows:

  • Call Acendas (866-812-6745) as early as possible, but at least 21 calendar days prior to departure. Identify this transaction as a Sinclair purchase.
  • Make reservations at the most economically advantageous rate, typically non-refundable coach class.  Acendas can provide complete schedule information on airlines and book confirmed reservations immediately.

Note: Acendas can also provide information on and arrange lodging and car rental reservations. (See transportation fares section for restrictions on car rental). However, these expenses must be paid by the employee and then reimbursed by the college.

  • Provide the department number to which the ticket cost is to be charged.
  • Call Accounting Services (ext. 3027) to verify that the ticket has been delivered and that the approved travel form has been received. (Acendas will deliver all tickets to Accounting Services by 3 p.m. at least two working days prior to departure.)

Should cancellation or change in flight plan be needed, immediately contact Acendas. Please keep in mind that cancellations/changes may result in a penalty. All unused tickets must be returned to Accounting Services for forwarding to Acendas.

If a ticket is purchased from a vendor other than Acendas, an original invoice and itinerary must be submitted before reimbursement can be made for airfare or for meals while in transit.

Note: Frequent Flyer Miles - College policy prohibits the personal accumulation of frequent flyer miles in connection with business travel. To comply with this policy, a college employee is expected to take an active role in preventing the posting of frequent flyer miles to the employee's account. That is, when booking an airline reservation for any trip paid for by the college, the employee must ensure that a personal frequent flyer account number is not linked to the reservation.

The basis for the college’s policy is an Ohio Ethics Commission ruling that states that the Ohio Revised Code does not permit a public employee to obtain a free or discounted airline ticket or other benefit for personal use, if the benefit is obtained from frequent flyer miles earned during official business travel. The complete text of the Ohio Ethics Commission ruling can be found at: