Accounting Travel Policies

Introduction and Overview 

Contact: Kendall Lucas

Sinclair reimburses all business-related travel costs, subject to budget availability and administrative approval. It is important that the policy be studied carefully and followed closely. 

College-paid travel costs are intended to support remote short-term work assignments for the business and mission purposes of Sinclair.  All college travel is a college work assignment, and can be approved, denied, cancelled or modified as needed by the employee's supervisor at any time in the travel schedule.

The following policy can be modified on a limited case by case basis by the President when and if the travel work assignment needs of the college are fulfilled by such exceptions.

Monthly Auto Mileage Report, Request for Travel Requiring Advance Approval, and Request for Reimbursement of Travel Requiring Advance Approval forms are available from Forms

The college cannot reimburse personnel or consultants for:

  • Entertainment expenses for college employees or college guests
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Mileage for use of a personal car, unless the operator carries motor vehicle liability insurance in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 4509.51
  • Meals or lodging within Montgomery County or within 30 miles of the employee's home, except those meals which are an integral part of an approved activity, such as a professional society dinner meeting
  • Personal telephone calls
  • Any expenses incurred by a spouse who is accompanying an employee while on an approved activity (including professional society dinner meetings)

The college can reimburse employees (and consultants, if provided for in the consultant’s contract) for all reasonable and necessary travel costs incurred in carrying out college business.

Receipts must be provided for all expenses incurred while on college-approved travel except mileage, parking, meals and miscellaneous expenses, such as road tolls and fare for bus, taxi-cab, boat, ferry or subway.