Frequently Asked Questions by Faculty
1.    What paper work must I submit to the Service Learning Office?  .
  • The essential paper work that I need is the Student Service Learning Agreement which in most cases students have completed online. Some faculty and students prefer to do this in hard copy form which is also fine.  Some faculty ask students to provide evidence of their service using the Service Learning Site Evaluation Log. The site evaluation log need not be forwarded to the Service Learning Office. All student forms are available at
2.    Can I find out who has used the online Service Learning registration process?
  • Certainly. I can provide a list of students registered for projects during this term or this academic year. Just send me an email identifying your name and perhaps what course numbers your students might have registered under.
3.    What sort of reflection activity is required?
  • The Service Learning office does not require that student reflection related to their service experience be in written form although this is the most common approach. Other reflection methods include student oral presentations, class discussions or student developed poster boards about project impact on student learning. While there is no best way to help students reflect on their learning, effective service learning requires student reflection.
4.    What if I forgot to have students register their projects or complete the paperwork?
  • The Service Learning office tracks student service and is interested in better understanding the impact of service on student retention and success. I’d like to know about projects you’ve completed even if paperwork wasn’t completed up front. Please send me an email identifying what project you completed, how many students and volunteer hours were dedicated to the project and any impacts that the project had on students or the community. 
5.    Should I send a summary of the student Service Learning projects to the Service Learning office?
  • I don’t need a summary of your project although I can certainly use anything you share with me for reports I compile and presentations I make to others. Your examples are the most effective persuasive message I can share to encourage more faculty to engage students through Service Learning. I look forward to sharing your pictures, stories and insights. Send them to me any time.
6.       What if I have a terrible experience with Service Learning or a community agency?
  • Service Learning is often a great way to get students engaged in thinking about your course content in a contextualized way. Sometimes though things just don’t go well. Most faculty encounter these situations, I certainly have. As the Service Learning coordinator I am here to support your use of Service Learning and if I can assist in any way please contact me. If we need to avoid working with an agency please let me know that too.