Greening the Curriculum at Sinclair

In January 2012, Sinclair Community College began an initiative to “green” the curriculum, i.e. integrate environmental and ecoliteracy through interdisciplinary, real-world projects across disciplines. Teaching “green” can take many different forms.  Some instructors assign new readings that address discipline-specific environmental issues, others invite guest speakers into their courses, some add a unit or module that fosters environmental literacy, some show a film, and others completely revise their course. 

To kick off the initiative, interested faculty attended a three-day retreat at the Glen Helen Ecological Institute in Yellow Springs, Ohio, to learn for themselves what a “green” curriculum might involve.  Working together on hands on projects, faculty began to develop and discuss ways to increase student awareness of our human impact on the natural world.

Click on the links in the sidebar to learn about different ways faculty are approaching the task of improving environmental literacy on campus and across the community.  For more information about the “Greening the Curriculum” initiative at Sinclair or information about upcoming workshops on the topic contact Adrienne Cassel ( or 937-512-2896).