Honor Code

The Honor Code is a statement of positive behaviors encouraging ethical practice regarding what one should do; it operates in conjunction with the student, faculty, and staff codes of conduct with a positive focus on encouraging ethical behavior. It is a vehicle to promote ethical behavior and bring together all staff, faculty, and students under shared values and to advance General Education at Sinclair.

"As a member of the Sinclair College community of students, faculty, and staff, I will uphold the values of citizenship, social-responsibility, and personal accountability. I will maintain the highest standards of professional and academic ethics. I will uphold my personal integrity, dignity, and self-respect by being fair and honest at all times and by treating all individuals with respect. By honoring these ideals, I will be building a better future for myself, my college, and my local, regional, and global communities."
The Sinclair Honor Code is designed to be an ideal aspired to by the students, faculty, and staff of our college. It is designed to resemble the honor codes and codes of ethics of many of the professional associations to which some of us may already, or hope to one day, belong.

Questions and comments can be directed to any member of the Honor Code Council at  honor.code@sinclair.edu.