Curriculum at Sinclair

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for establishing policy regarding curriculum and program quality.  The committee will exercise overall responsibility for policy and broad guidance related to all curriculum issues.  The committee also evaluates course and program effectiveness, while insuring the integrity of the curriculum, regardless of delivery mode or location.  Another responsibility of the committee is to implement the process of course and curriculum program approval and change.  The committee consists of one faculty and one chair selected from each academic division by the deans.  The length of term is one year though it may be extended by reappointment.  The chairperson is a dean appointed by the Vice President for Instruction. 

There are two subcommittees of the Curriculum Committee which directly impact the college's curriculum:  the Curriculum Review Committee and the Assessment Committee(which has assumed the functions of the General Education Committee). 

The Curriculum Review Committee, a subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee, is responsible for reviewing requests for new courses/modules/programs and revisions to existing courses/modules/programs.  This committee consists of the four faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate for three-year terms and one chair appointed by the President of Chairs' Council for a three-year term.  The chair of the Curriculum Review Committee is the Director of Curriculum and Assessment.  In the fall quarter of 2004, the committee began to use a new application called the Curriculum Management Tool (CMT). 

 A curriculum proposal usually originates in CMT with a department chairperson or with a chair designee and moves its way through a review/approval workflow process which culminates in a final approval memo being issued by the Director of Curriculum and Assessment.  In keeping with Sinclair policy, no new course or module may be offered and no substantive changes made to existing courses, modules or programs without the proper review and approval discussed in these guidelines.

The Curriculum Management Tool (CMT) is a comprehensive software application that supports the initiation, revision, and approval of curriculum. CMT automates the business processes surrounding curriculum and helps people work more productively and cost-effectively.  This software is used at Sinclair to expedite the curriculum process by reducing or eliminating the amount of paper and meeting time required for curriculum approvals.  User guides and online help menus for CMT are available to support all users. 

Through a web-based, database-driven design, CMT provides a user-friendly approach to curriculum.  Importantly, this tool connects to the college’s database of curriculum to reduce the time and complexity experienced by the infrequent user.  Sinclair’s CMT debut occurred during the Fall Conference Professional Development Day in September 2004.