Assessment Glossary

Beyond Confusion: An Assessment Glossary
By Andrea Leskes, vice president for education and quality initiatives, AAC&U.
Higher education lacks a common vocabulary about assessment and individuals use terms in mutating ways to refer to varying levels of analysis.  The author offers a glossary of educational assessment terms within the college context, focusing on student learning.

Assessment Glossary
This assessment glossary is designed to help teachers understand assessment terminology and covers many major terms associated with assessment.

Glossary of Useful Terms
A Hotlist Glossary of essential assessment terminology as well as a complete glossary and hotlinked sources for many definitions.

Diversity Dictionary
A resource from the University of Maryland's "Moving Towards Diversity" initiative.

Evaluation Glossary
This site from Western Michigan provides a glossary of terms in evaluation with a focus on teacher education.

Glossary of Evaluation Terms
Resources from Western Michigan intended to improve communication about evaluations.

Dictionary of Student Outcome Assessment
A searchable site of assessment terms selected from regional accreditation and state assessment guidelines; from selected presentations at the Assessment Forums of the American Association for Higher Education; from a group of policy makers, government officials, assessment practitioners, testing company representatives; and from Center for Assessment and Research Studies faculty and graduate students at James Madison University.