2005 - 2010 Plan
Integrated Assessment and General Education Strategy Plan
(with 07-08 team membership and outcome goal)
Action Item #1: Propose policy changes where warranted to improve student success. (team leaders: Mary McGirr and Dean Cole; team member Dottie Bely,  Teresa Prosser, Jared Cutler)
Investigate Top 45 for common issues and/or challenges
a.       Align Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) within an appropriate review process
b.      Integrate  General Education early into program course work
c.       Support students’ successful progression through course sequences  and prerequisites (decrease lag time in completing course sequences, identify FTE impact, availability of core course offerings, etc)
d.      Use data more extensively to guide decision making regarding policies
e.       Involve students and faculty to identify how current college policies, structures, and services support or impede student success
07-08 Outcome Goal: Identify how current college policies, structures, and services support or impede student success and make recommendations
Action Item #2: Implement an annual process that engages Sinclair faculty in the integration and assessment of general education across the curriculum (team leader: Ned Young; team members: Dave Collins, Roxanne DeLaet, Linda Denney, Chuck Freeland, Marilyn Rodney)
a.       Address basic skills, skills transfer and integration in the following:
·         Information and Computer Literacy
·         Written Communication
·         Oral Communication
·         Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
·         Values, Citizenship, and Community
b.      Embed and assess general education in first year student success course
07-08 Outcome Goal: Create report and disseminate results and opportunities for improvement
Action Item #3: Establish authority for policy and curriculum in general education. (team leader: Lori Zakel; team member: Kirsten Goeller, Karen Fleming, Sarah Kiewitz, Sue Merrell)
a. Analyze existing General Education courses for alignment with Ohio Transfer Module, OBOR requirements, success in Top 45, measurable competencies, frequency of offerings, etc.
b.    Develop a review and approval process for the courses included in the general education core
c.       Assess relevancy and currency of general education measurable outcomes
a.       Update outcomes where appropriate
b.      Establish on-going process for assessment of outcomes
d.      Develop/review course sequence outcomes
e.       Integrate Honor Code
07-08 Outcome Goals: 1. Determine general education courses that exist in both SCC core courses and OTM (OBOR). Propose recommended AA, AS, AAS, AIS, ATS gen ed courses and approval plan. 2. Ensure connections of OBOR OTM outcomes to SCC gen ed outcomes. Map OTM outcomes to OTM courses.
Action Item #4: Improve program and general education assessment of student learning at the department/program level. (team leader: Gloria Goldman; team members: Jenny Barr, Ed Gallo, Lalitha Locker, Bahar Hartmann)
a.       Collect, interpret, and use data to improve student learning
b.      Analyze and report results on an annual basis
c.       Develop a candid analysis of the college’s performance with respect to student outcomes, with a special focus on low-income students, students of color and others who face barriers to success (AtD)
07-08 Outcome Goal: Review annual reports for each program and hold conversations about assessment methods
Action Item #5: Refine tools, methods, and processes for continuous improvement of general education and assessment across instructional divisions. (team leader: Sue Merrell; team members: Gloria Goldman, Teresa Prosser; Ned Young, Lori Zakel)
a.       Strengthen departmental assessment and general education as part of the department/program review process
b.      Develop new Curriculum Management Tools in support of integrated assessment, curriculum, and general education
c.       Examine quantitative and qualitative data and present findings in a clear and compelling way that shows where the college is doing well and where it needs to improve student success (AtD)
07-08 Outcome Goal: Implement CMT v2
Action Item #6: Create ongoing promotion of assessment and general education activities/responsibilities and foster integration with curriculum. (team leaders: Lori Zakel, Sue Merrell, and Teresa Prosser; team member: Rob Leonard)
a.       Training
o   SDIC
o   Workshops
o   Institutes
b.      Communication
o   Website
o   Newsletter
o   Faculty Forum and Class Notes articles
c.       Awards and Recognition (sub team leader: all)
07-08 Outcome Goal: Continue assessment and gen ed workshops, etc. throughout the year and distribute newsletter in timely fashion.
Action Item #7: Develop a repeatable process for assessing the success of the overarching assessment program. (team leaders: Sue Merrell, Lori Zakel, Ned Young, Gloria Goldman, and Teresa Prosser)
a.       Identify a Learning Liaison process
b.      Assess annually progress to AQIP Systems Appraisal Rubrics
07-08 Outcome Goal: Reintroduce the Learning Liaisons within new divisional structure.