Assessment Strategy Plan

2003 - 2005


Action Item  #1:  Continue work on strengthening department review process and developing new program outcomes process (team leader: Helen Grove)

·        Develop pilot model with two departments and IT

·        Integrate proposed divisional CIT on learning

·        Integrate linkage/coordination with specialized program accrediting bodies

·        Refine and revise model

·        Make recommendation based on pilot data


Action Item #2:  Continue discussion of Top 45 courses (team leaders: Mary McGirr and Dean Cole)

·        Continue attendance proposal to completion

·        Examine prerequisite requirements

·        Interface with Basic Skills Task Force concerning their findings


Action Item #3:  Monitor program and General Education outcomes (team leader: Lori Zakel)

·        Develop gen ed outcomes

·        Include gen ed in program outcomes

·        Embed relevant gen ed outcomes into master (teaching) syllabi

·        Determine feasibility of entry, mid, and exit point gen ed assessment

·        Begin development of framework for mapping gen ed outcomes throughout all curricula in Instruction


Action Item #4:  Determine work plan for Learning Liaisons (team leader: Teresa Prosser)

·        Brainstorm responsibility functions

·        Determine timeline for implementation

·        Meet with deans

·        Develop assessment to gauge effectiveness

·        Develop report for accountability


Action Item #5:  Aid in determining and use of tools, methods, and process for Assessment (team leader: Sue Merrell)

·        Identify and adopt consistent approaches to document learning outcomes at the course and program level (includes General Education

·        Improve the curriculum processes to strengthen and emphasize learning outcomes assessment

·        Pilot test an electronic portfolio approach to document student learning outcomes


Action Item #6:  Identify and develop cadre of experienced personnel who have first-hand experience serving as: (team leader: Helen Grove)

·        NCA consultant evaluators

·        Reviewers for NCA’s Academic Quality Improvement Process (AQIP)

·        Evaluators for specialized program accrediting bodies

·        Examiners for the Baldrige Award for Excellence in Education


Action Item #7:  Create ongoing promotion of assessment activities and responsibilities (team leader: Tom Huguley)

·        Continue new faculty orientation; consider for 2nd year faculty

·        Develop SCC assessment fact sheet and info page for Web site

o     Create an institution-wide definition of assessment, its purpose and best practices

o     Distinguish assessment from evaluation

o     Differentiate Program, Course, Class assessment

o     Include key resources and contact information

·        Use Faculty Forum to feature assessment results and improvement

·        Integrate and oversee quarterly assessment training opportunities with other learning centered training (i.e. Fall Faculty Development Day, General Education training days, CWLD, Spring Institute, Summer Institute, Assessment brown bag / Best practices)

·        Encourage attendance at state/regional assessment conference especially for junior faculty and have attendees report back

·        Link with IPR to communicate best practices and benefits of regular assessment


Action Item #8:  Identify available end-user assessment tools, analyze their utility relative to college-wide assessment needs and deploy for college-wide availability (team leader: Shep Anderson)

  • Develop a system measurement for course level, department level, division level, and campus level assessment along with means of taking assessment from level one to two to three
  • Investigate Flashlight
  • Integrate with ILP process
  • Determine effects of change to Accuplacer