Math Module Pilot

Math Module pilot seeks to offer a flexible, self-paced, lab approach to learning developmental mathematics.  A faculty member and a tutor are in the room to support the students as they work their way through each module:

  • Results:  We had 82 students on campus participate in this initiative.  Of those, 58.53% passed with an A,B, or C compared to a 50.4% success rate in its counterpart DEV 085.  Of the 82 students, 4 students also passed out of the content of DEV 108, saving themselves time and tuition.  I am especially pleased with these results because we were told multiple times by other colleges who have done this kind of redesign that we should expect our success rates to drop the first quarter because of technological and pedagogical issues that we would not have been able to anticipate.
  • We also have 15 students from DECA participating in this pilot, but they are on semesters and have not completed the semester yet.