Student Affairs

The Student Affairs is responsible for providing student services and building partnerships and collaborations with students, faculty, and staff to develop and implement systems and processes to enhance student success. This Group is in direct support of the academic mission and the faculty.

The Student Affairs group consists of Campus Ministry, Career Services, Center for Student Success,  Disability Services, Minority Student Success, Ombudsman, SinclairTalks, Student Judicial, Student Leadership Development, Student Support Services, Tutorial Services, and Veteran Services.

  • Campus Ministry -  provides personal and crisis counseling, programming for spiritual growth, guest lectures, discussion groups, support groups, Bible studies, workshops, retreats, spiritual direction, and a browsing library.
  • Career Services – provides quality, customer-oriented career services to all students and community members regardless of Sinclair affiliation.  
  • Center for Student Success - provides services for the Pathways to Completion program and Counseling Services.

    Pathways to Completion provides one-on-one coaching and assistance with the development of a Student Success Plan (SSP) for at-risk students. Student Success Plans are specific to each individual student and address such issues as a plan to pay for college expenses, identifying resources/services to support success, reviewing strategies to improve study skills, assisting with selection of a college academic program and/or career goal and selecting and registering of courses.  Student Success Plans  also coordinates an early-alert system to help identify and respond to students in academic jeopardy.

    Counseling Services provides individual/group coaching and drop-in support sessions to assist students with academic, personal, professional, and career related concerns.
  • Disability Services – provides services for students with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
  • Judicial Affairs - seeks to sustain a culture of civility and shared community standards through the administration of the Student Code of Conduct and educates students, faculty and staff on issues related to student conduct, responsibilities and behavioral expectations. 
  • Minority Student Success  - offers minority students individual and/or group coaching and other assistance to help identify and address challenges, both academic and personal, that affect students’ ability  to be successful and complete Sinclair’s programs.
  • The Ombudsman – assists students to solve problems and understand their options related to Sinclair Community College policies and procedures.  
  • SinclairTalks - creates out of classroom engagement, broadens knowledge, and provokes discussion of issues on and off campus. Sessions are presented on a varied number of topics:  academic skills enhancement, educational planning, campus resources, career development, cultural / social and personal development topics.   
  • Student Leadership Development – provides services across a wide range of student social and leadership enhancing activities.  
  • Student Support Services – a grant funded TRIO program for at-risk students specified by economic need and first generation college student status.
  • Tutorial Services – provides college-wide student peer tutoring services for first year classes. 
  • Veteran Services - provides responsive academic, social and administrative support to student veterans, active duty military members and their families.