Marketing Overview

The Marketing Group includes the service areas that enhance the institution’s ability to brand, sell, and promote Sinclair Community College. The Group is responsible for assessing the customer needs and developing an integrated marketing plan to support Sinclair in meeting enrollment objectives, as well as the needs of our community constituents.

Focusing on both the internal and external macro marketing issues, the Marketing Group utilizes a mix of strategies, activities, and objectives designed to reach out to all constituents of the college.

The Marketing Group consists of seven departments: Admissions, Appalachian Outreach, Call Center, College for Lifelong Learning, eMarketing, PSEO, and Publications.

  • Admissions – coordinates focused and targeted recruitment activities within the service areas to attain and increase enrollment goals.
  • Call Center – facilitates the internal customer care elements for the College. Handling questions, concerns, and issues for internal and external customers; as well as executing outbound communications.
  • eMarketing – develops, plans, and executes technology-based marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Publications – manages the design and creative elements of marketing pieces distributed by the College.
  • Appalachian Outreach, College for Lifelong Learning, and PSEO directly influences targeted populations to utilize various services at Sinclair.