School Linkages Overview

The School Linkages Group is responsible for improving the regional college going rate in the local community by enhancing Sinclair’s presence in the local high schools.  The primary goal of the School Linkages Group is to assist high school students to better prepare for post secondary education and in particular:

  • Enhance the opportunities for student’s exposure and academic readiness to enter into college.
  • Educate the community on the benefits of participating in one of the School Linkages programs.
  • Use enrollment services to bridge students’ access and success at Sinclair.
  • Continue to identify potential partnerships with other community organizations.
  • Incorporate the 40 developmental assets into the fabric of all School Linkages programs.

The School Linkages Group consists of three departments: Academic Resource Centers, the Fast Forward Center, and Pre-College Programs.

  • Academic Resource Centers – offers prospective students an opportunity to improve their skills in math, reading, and writing prior to enrolling in college. 
  • Fast Forward Center – serves youth who have previously dropped out of high school, by returning them to high school and securing a positive placement upon graduation (employment, military, or postsecondary education).
  • Pre-College Programs – Includes:  Quick Start, Upward Bound, and Young Scholars Program, all of which are designed to expose and prepare youth for higher education.