Strategic Enrollment Management

The Strategic Enrollment Management Group creates and maintains a complex network of resources focused on two major themes: activities and initiatives designed to recruit and enroll talented, motivated, diverse and dedicated students to Sinclair; and activities and initiatives designed to provide academic and financial support and services to enrolled students so they may continue to make progress and succeed in their chosen academic goal.

The Strategic Enrollment Management Group is integral in helping the institution to:

  • Determine, achieve, and maintain optimum enrollment.
  • Establish clear goals for the number and types of students needed to fulfill the institutional mission.
  • Create a data-rich environment to inform decisions and evaluate strategies.
  • Promote academic success by improving student access, transition, persistence and graduation.
  • Enable the delivery of effective academic programs.
  • Generate added net revenue for the institution.

The Strategic Enrollment Management Group consists of the following departments:

  • College for Lifelong Learning
  • Communication Center
  • Duplicating
  • Marketing
  • New Student Enrollment Center– assists students as they move through the steps of enrollment – placement testing, advising, new student orientation, and registration.
  • Registration and Student Records – responsible for the collection, administration, maintenance, processing, and distribution of student academic records.