Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs


It is the aim of the Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Division  to support the teaching and learning mission of the College.  The Division is made up of three groups:  Enrollment Management, International Education, and Student Affairs.  Each of these groups uniquely and collaboratively contributes to the successful fulfillment of the vision of the Division.  The vision of the Division is to be a catalyst for change and innovation as the College intensifies its focus on student success and completion.  The Division also strives to have the most engaged, satisfied, and successful community college student body in the state of Ohio.  Each group creates actionable initiatives that will impact this vision. 

The Division’s goals and priorities always connect and impact the overarching Institutional Strategic Priorities of the College:

     •  Quality and Innovation
     •  Effective and Sustainable Organization
     •  Access and Affordability
     •  Community Alignment